COUPE Ariane

VITAL Ariane

COUPE, SQUARE, RECTANGULAR Hotel Service 81 parts, 2014

Vital is a variable Hotel Programme based on three shapes: the square, the circle and the trapezoid. It’s actually three services, which are interchangeable: Vital Coupe, Vital Square and Vital Rectangular. Some elements are the same for all three, such as the round cups, which fit on all 3 saucers, or indeed the formal element of the asymmetrically elevated rim on the plates. This allows a very pleasing food presentation. The possibility of endless combinations between the three families will inspire creative chefs.

Ariane Vital
Ariane Viral Coupe Teller
Ariane Viral Coupe / Rectangular Teller
Ariane Vital Rectangular
Ariane Vital Square
Vital Coupe Gedeck
Vital Coupe Übersicht
Vital Coupe Teekännchen
Vital Coupe Teekännchen
Vital Coupe Arrangement
Vital Square Schale
Vital Square Teller
Vital Square 2
Ariane Rectangular
Ariane Rectangular
Ariane Rectangular
Vital Square Ambiente
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