LYRA RAK Procelain

LYRA RAK Porcelain

Hotel Service 41 parts, 2007

The very elegant Lyra service plays with the contrasts of a deepened middle and a very softly curved wide rim. Fine food is now in a beautiful frame. The hollowware combines elegant high and narrow bodies (see coffee pot and salt shaker) and deep wide bodies (see tea pot and pepper shaker), a contrast that creates an interesting tension between the forms. The lids relate to the curved line of the plates.

Lyra Kaffee
Lyra Tee
Lyra, Teller gestapelt
Lyra, Teller
Lyra Zusammenstellung
Lyra Dessertteller
Lyra Salatschale
Lyra Eierbecher
Lyra Erdnussshaker
Lyra Gedeck
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