GLASS Schlittler

CLEAR GLASS Schlittler

Vases, 2003-2008

LOLA Vase 58 and 76cm high
This elegant floor vase with its soft waist is meant to display individual blossoms. The flower is meant to sit inside the top glass volume and the reflection of the glass adds to the visual pleasure.

Glas Schlittler 02

Bouquet Vases
These vases have a generous lip, reminiscent of the paper doilies used in posies. Beautiful bunches of flowers are practically tied together by the thin waists of the vases.

Glas Schlittler

CYLINDA 23, 28 and 60cm high, 2008
Cylinder and sphere combine to give these vases a formal tension and provide support for individual long-stemmed flowers.

Glas Schlittler 01
Glas Schlittler 01
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