SEESAW IntoConcrete

Set of concrete bowls, 2015

Significant detail of this concrete bowl set is the radial edge of the asymmetric vessels. This design detail displays the precision possible with concrete as material in an exciting way. Whether for fruit and kitchen utensils or for jewellery and other accessories, this series fits with modern living spaces and kitchens equally.
D 8,25 inch, h 3,85 inch (2,5lb) D 10,25 inch, h 4,75 inch (3,75lb) D 6,3 inch, h 7,85 inch (3,3lb) Colours: grey, blue grey

Seesaw Schalensatz grau
Seesaw Schalensatz blaugrau
Seesaw Wohnen
Seesaw küche
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