Ovi Salt Container with closable lid

OVI JosephJoseph

Spicery Set and Salt Container with closable lid, 2013

Salt and Pepper Pinch Pots with closable lids
The ultra-smooth, pebble-like shape of these pinch pots make them extremely tactile and a stylish addition to the table. Their closable lids prevent any contamination of salt and pepper when not in use. Simply twist the top half of each pot to reveal a large aperture, allowing easy access
 for fingers or just rotate the lid a little bit, then you can shake also. The design comes with its own matching coaster, to keep both pots neatly organised on the table.

Salt Container with closable lid
This stylish design is a contemporary take on a traditional salt pig with the added benefit of a closable lid. Simply twist the top half of the unit to reveal a large aperture allowing easy access for pinching or spooning salt during cooking. When not in use the lid can be closed again to protect salt from cooking splashes or debris. The unit has a non-slip base and is perfect for storing next to the cooker.

Ovi Salz und Pfeffer
Ovi Salz Öffnen
Ovi Saltpig
Ovi Saltpig
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