U Spice IntoConcrete

U-SPICE & U-HERB IntoConcrete

Seasoning set and herb bench, 2014

U-Spice are innovative products which allow to use fine seasoning of any kind at the table and for the individual taste of each person at the table. The series consists of one spice bowl for spreading, one bowl for pouring, one mortar spoon and a concrete tray. The spice bowl makes it easy to apply just the right amount of spice with their small holes. At the same time the specific spice can be portioned with the fingers or a spoon as well. The bowl is perfect for mixing fluids with seasoning and pouring the essence over food. An entirely new “two in one” device is the combination of mortar and spoon: For grinding herbs you can either grip the mortar in the common way or the thumb can rest in the cavity of the spoon. And the spoon is just right for portioning the grinded seasoning.

U SPICE Roter Pfeffer
U SPICE Kräuter

Fresh herbs stay in these porcelain pots fresh for a long time, because the lower part of the pots keeps a reservoir for water. The shiny porcelain contrasts the rough and satin finished surface of the concrete-tray nicely. The U-shape of the tray furthermore gives the pots the impression of floating.

U Herb
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